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Providing leading solutions in your home to ensure your health and well-being. Say goodbye to the concerns of toxic waters in our homes.

The hidden dangers in our water

It is an open secret that our water in the US has become toxic. Good health and feeling good starts with bathing, cleaning our food, and drinking cancerogenic-free and toxin-free water. We are passionate about not just spreading awareness, but also providing the best solution to this massive problem that affects everyone.

Introducing the ultimate water solution

Full Home Water Softener and Filter

The Oasis Full Home Water Softener and Filter is a state-of-the-art system designed to remove harmful contaminants and ensure your water is pristine, refreshing, and safe for all your household needs.

We care about the quality of your water, and are the only company to follow-up with free automatic salt bag renewal for your unit.

Oasis water filter.
Reverse osmosis system

Reverse Osmosis Water

Enhance your water quality further with Oasis Reverse Osmosis (RO) system, removing up to 99% of impurities for pure, refreshing water.

Your order includes a secondary RO drinking sink, and professional installation.

Advocates Portal

By choosing Oasis, you're not only protecting your health but also empowering yourself and spreading awareness about the importance of clean water through our advocates portal (coming soon).

We're committed to helping individuals take control of their well-being and making a positive impact on their communities, while providing industry-leading customer service and warranty.

Advocates portal app

Cutting-Edge specs for unparalleled performance

Eliminating contaminants

Our system utilizes multiple filtration stages, including activated carbon, sediment filters, and advanced media technology, to effectively eliminate contaminants, odors, and unpleasant tastes.

A cutout of the Oasis filter system showing four internal filters.
Prolonging the lifespan of your appliances

Oasis employs advanced ion exchange resin technology to reduce water hardness, preventing scale buildup in your pipes, appliances, and fixtures, prolonging their lifespan.

A cutout of the Oasis filter system showing an internal water softener.
Optimal water pressure

With our system, you'll experience a consistent and robust water flow throughout your home, ensuring optimal water pressure and efficiency.

A diagram of the Oasis filter system showing connected water pipes.
User friendly and intelligent

Our user-friendly control panel allows you to monitor and customize settings effortlessly, ensuring your water quality is always at its best.

A cutout of the Oasis filter system showing internal microchip in the control panel.
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